Experienced and Passionate:

Founded in 2008 by Roger Bryant, who brings more than 40 years experience in law enforcement, Highland Investigations brings both significant experience in and passion to investigatory and security work.

Licensing and Bonding:


Highland Investigations is licensed by the Commonwealth of 

Massachusetts' Department of State Police to operate as a private investigative agency and is fully bonded.


When and where warranted, Highland Investigations employs a mixture of on-line and off-line tools and techniques to ensure our clients get the answers they need -- both as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Adherence to Strict Confidentiality Practices:
Our staff have all undergone relevant, extensive military and police training, and recognize the criticalness of maintaining confidentiality 100% of the time regarding client engagement and work, without exception.
Our Technical Capabilities Include:
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Creation of Video and Audio Evidence
  • Undercover Operations
We also have access to other techniques, tools, and resources not available to the general public.
Once we have engaged with you or your organization to provide investigatory services, we are committed to exhausting all tools, techniques, or options to get you answers to your questions.